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We love to hear from our owners and hope to tell your stories here and in our newsletter, Seabreeze. Here is just a sampling. If you would like to tell us your story in 150 words or less, please e-mail us at*

"I have over 16,000 hours on my Bluewater, the Genset. I love my boat!" Jim Wells, Tennessee. 1985 51 Cockpit

First of all, I love my Bluewater. Dick Jaeckel and I just got back from going south to Charleston. After boating with it I want the 70 footer and twin 650's. This boat is more than a party boat-it kicks tail! Richard Schmidt Pennsylvania. 1996 57

"In July of 1995, we had a potentially disastrous encounter with Hurricane Alice while en route to Santo Domingo. Our Bluewater took 10 - 12 foot waves while weathering the heart of that tremendous storm in the middle of the night. It was an unbelievable performance by this boat, ironically, on its 'maiden voyage'. What an introduction! Since then, we have put nearly 500 hours on our Bluewater. It truly is our home on the water." Luis Corujo 1995 56

"Having owned nine Bluewaters since 1975, our latest being a 1999, 68-foot, we can attest to the ease of operation and quality of craftsmanship found in every one. We also love the spaciousness provided for entertaining family and friends." Bernie and Dorie Murray, Iowa. 1999 680

"Dealing with the Bluewater service department is pure fun. They have a great team and they are absolutely customer oriented. You can expect an immediate response and no matter what your problem may be, they will have you underway in the shortest possible time. In addition to giving great service, they are great people." Ross Perot

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Owner Events

Please join us for hors d'oeuvres and cocktails!

Owner's Reception
February 2008

Informal Dress (jackets not necessary)

Note: If you would like to host an owner event in your area, please contact us.

Bluewater Yacht Club

Please stay tuned for further details about our plans for this exciting program.


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